When choosing the building materials for home/garden improvements or new builds, there are a range of advantages to using reclaimed Yorkshire stone.

Yorkstone is durable and long lasting, and with how versatile the material is, it has understandably become a preferred option for property developers and self-builders alike. But what are some of the specific benefits of using reclaimed Yorkstone?

1. Environmentally friendly:

It’s becoming increasingly important to be mindful of environmental impact when choosing building materials.

The process of quarrying and then manufacturing new building products such as stone and bricks is very energy intensive. Manufacturing new stone creates large amounts of waste and carbon emissions, which is much more harmful for the environment than using pre-existing, reclaimed stone.

Selecting reclaimed also means that you are reusing older Yorkshire stone – an even more environmentally-friendly choice than recycling.

benefits of reclaimed stone

2. Appearance:

Another very appealing aspect of using reclaimed Yorkshire stone is its appearance. Newly quarried stone will likely all have a very uniform, standard look, whereas reclaimed will be much more unique.

While you can definitely choose reclaimed stones which are all similar in appearance, Yorkstone is known for improving with age. Small marks and textures left by years of weathering can create a brilliant authentic and rustic appearance.

3. Matching: 

The appearance of reclaimed Yorkstone means that it is the perfect fit for older properties, listed buildings and conservation areas

If you are renovating an older home, or you need to make sure you build a home that fits in seamlessly with the surrounding area in a traditional countryside town, using reclaimed stone can help you achieve this.

When building on an existing property, newly quarried stone will stand out from the stone already in place and negatively impact the overall appearance of the home. Because reclaimed stone has already been exposed to the weather, it will blend in much more easily.

4. Features: 

Reclaimed stone works beautifully for both internal and external features.

Whether you are looking to create a natural stone fireplace as an impactful living room centerpiece or a new patio and sitting area in your garden, using reclaimed stone can create an interesting focal point.

For examples of how you can use reclaimed stone, take a look at these 5 inspiring uses of dry stone walling in the garden.

5. Sizes:

Construction workers and property developers are often put off using reclaimed stone because of the misconception that you can only buy it in random sizes that make it more difficult to work with.

However, we offer standard size 140mm reclaimed walling stone so you can experience all the benefits of reclaimed, with the ease of newly quarried.

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