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Mixing Traditional & Contemporary Garden Design

There’s often a misconception that when it comes to gardens, they either just ‘happen’, growing and evolving as additional plants and furniture are added wherever they fit, or they follow a strict set style, with no room for flexibility.

However, some of the best gardens are created when different garden styles are used together, taking elements from both traditional and contemporary designs to create an outdoor space that suits any home.

Here are some of the ways you can design a transitional garden…

Tip: When mixing design styles, be sure to make the space either predominantly modern or traditional, with accent pieces of the other. Allowing one design to dominate will keep the overall look cohesive, and prevent it from feeling like everything is fighting for attention.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian garden style

The clean, minimal aesthetic of Scandinavian design has been popular for homes and gardens alike for a number of years now, but taking a largely Scandi garden, and incorporating some elements of traditional design can add a more homely, characterful feel and prevent the space from feeling too clinical.

Neatly mowed lawns, minimalist wooden benches, or a simple wooden patio table and chairs like in the above Chelsea garden from Veronica Rodriguez Interior Photography, paired with a rustic reclaimed Yorkstone flag patio and brick or stone wall is a great way to achieve this style.

Sunken patio

Traditional patio design

Traditional gardens with lots of flowers, shrubs and trees are so appealing because they’re great for bringing nature into your home, but they can sometimes feel busy, whereas modern gardens offer a minimalist, peaceful space away from the rest of the home.

Building a modern sunken patio in the midst of a rustic, overgrown traditional garden (like in the above garden in Chiswick from KR Garden Design), can provide a more calming space without compromising on the overall cottage-like feel.

Urban jungle

Urban style garden design

Leaning more on the modern side is this stunning ‘urban jungle’ in London from Antonia Schofield Garden Design. Using riven flagstones alongside reclaimed bricks for the patio gives a natural, yet polished finish, but the overflowing tropical leaves keeps the garden from feeling too manicured (native British plants would also look fantastic here for a woodland inspired space).

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