*Updated 11th October 2018

When you think of a new driveway, you might think of resin, patterned concrete or even just standard tarmac which is great, but if you really want to stand out and make a statement, then why not go really retro and go back to cobblestones. We supply new and reclaimed cobblestones which would need to be laid by a professional company like Sugdens (click here to visit their website).

Here are some images of recent work and the process of laying the cobble stones for a driveway in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

We supply cobblestones for all types of projects throughout the UK so if you are looking for a long established cobblestone supplier in the UK, then why not call the yard and we can get you the best quotes for your next project. We also specialise in reclaimed stone and new stone for building projects.

Following on from the work, here is the more up to date work with the setts from this project.

Abacus Stone Sales regularly supply a range of stone to many destinations across the UK, Europe and rest of the world. With significant experience in fulfilling export orders, we are always ready to send orders overseas

So when we received an order for reclaimed cobblestones to be used to create a driveway and courtyard in Norway, we were happy to help out with the project.

removing old cobblestone in Norway

We put together a team of skilled builders to lay the stones and sent them out there along with the materials.

A lot of work was involved in completing the project as the cobbles had to cover the whole of the area outside the buildings and the driveway up to the property.

 A layer of gravel was laid down to smooth out the surface before cement and the cobblestones were added in sections to create the finished courtyard and driveway area.

The skilled team of builders completed the project to a high standard and the reclaimed cobblestones used added to the character of the building.

Before and after completion of the driveway.

Completed courtyard area

To find out more about our delivery services or to enquire about our current stock of reclaimed cobblestones or any other stone, contact Abacus Stone Sales here.

Abacus Stone Sales was pleased to supply materials for part of a restoration project at a parish church in a Hertfordshire village.

St Bartholomew’s in Layston is a Grade II listed building that had fallen out of use, but work is underway to restore the exterior and grounds to how they would have looked in the church’s heyday.

We were approached to help identify and supply the right materials for a path in the grounds, which was to be Yorkstone paving with setts or cobbles used as edgings.

The restoration expert visited the Abacus yard in Holmfirth to inspect the various types of reclaimed cobbles and settsavailable, and eventually settled on oblong granite cobbles.

We then helped the customer to calculate how many cobbles were required for the job and arranged delivery to site.

While much of the reclaimed stone we supply is used for housing, gardens and dry stone walling, we also have plenty of experience of sourcing materials for restorations.

If you need reclaimed stone for a restoration project, call the Abacus team on 07711 99 70 26 or contact us via the website.