Well Yorkshire reigns supreme at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in London. On a beautiful warm spring day The Yorkshire Garden looked stunning and was so well designed that you could be forgiven for thinking you were in stunning Yorkshire Dales.

In helping the Yorkshire Garden win the top spot, we were asked to supply some of our natural Yorkstone Flags and reclaimed natural weathered stone from our local quarry in Honley West Yorkshire.

For the event we supplied different types of natural and reclaimed stone from the event.

Chelsea flower show stone by Abacus

The Yorkshire Garden in full force in the beautiful sunshine

We supplied the following stone:

Our Yorkshire stone has long been regarded as the best Yorkshire stone with natural quarries in the stunning countryside of West Yorkshire that is synonymous with this county. Adding our Yorkstone to this project really brought an authentic feel to garden which helped the florists in creating the ultimate Yorkshire Garden and as proud Yorkshire folk we are over the moon that we came 1st!

Well done to all involved!

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Bricks are a popular choice for home building projects; they’re strong, durable and easy to work with, as well as appealing to look at. Reclaimed handmade bricks in particular have a great aged appearance that’s hard to achieve with newer materials.

So whether you live in a contemporary new build, or a country cottage, reclaimed bricks could be the perfect choice for a wide range of home improvement projects.

Feature walls

exposed brick stone

Exposed brick walls are a great way to add warmth and character to a room. Incorporating brick into your interiors is an effective way to create a feature wall that’s bold and eye-catching, without overpowering the rest of the room. Devon based architects, Van Ellen + Sheryn used a red brick wall to beautifully contrast and add a more traditional element to this otherwise very modern home.


contemporary living with exposed brick

Similarly to the brick wall, a brick fireplace can be a great way to bring feelings of warmth and comfort into a space. Leaving the bricks exposed will create a more rustic looking feature, while painting them a neutral colour (like in the above photo from Bernardo Grijalva Photography) creates the cosy atmosphere, while maintaining the overall sleek, contemporary theme of the room.


Walled gardens

Walled stone walls Yorkshire

 Rustic, reclaimed handmade bricks work beautifully in walled gardens, such as this one from Design Focus. The red brick used to build the wall is a striking focal piece that contrasts well with the green of the foliage surrounding it. And red bricks work especially well in the garden when used alongside a Yorkshire flagstone path.

Raised seating areas

contemporary patio

Bricks are strong, durable and weatherproof, making them ideal for building a raised outdoor seating area. However, new bricks can be very bright in colour, so using reclaimed will soften the structure and help it blend into its surroundings a little more easily. Emmett Russell Architects used brick and light wood to create this peaceful contemporary patio in Vauxhall.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re planning any home improvement projects, call Abacus Stone Sales on 07711 99 70 26 and we can supply all the reclaimed handmade bricks you need.

Or if you require help deciding the type of brick or stone you need, we provide a stone matching service to make sure you find the perfect materials for your project.

When choosing the building materials for home/garden improvements or new builds, there are a range of advantages to using reclaimed Yorkshire stone.

Yorkstone is durable and long lasting, and with how versatile the material is, it has understandably become a preferred option for property developers and self-builders alike. But what are some of the specific benefits of using reclaimed Yorkstone?

1. Environmentally friendly:

It’s becoming increasingly important to be mindful of environmental impact when choosing building materials.

The process of quarrying and then manufacturing new building products such as stone and bricks is very energy intensive. Manufacturing new stone creates large amounts of waste and carbon emissions, which is much more harmful for the environment than using pre-existing, reclaimed stone.

Selecting reclaimed also means that you are reusing older Yorkshire stone – an even more environmentally-friendly choice than recycling.

benefits of reclaimed stone

2. Appearance:

Another very appealing aspect of using reclaimed Yorkshire stone is its appearance. Newly quarried stone will likely all have a very uniform, standard look, whereas reclaimed will be much more unique.

While you can definitely choose reclaimed stones which are all similar in appearance, Yorkstone is known for improving with age. Small marks and textures left by years of weathering can create a brilliant authentic and rustic appearance.

3. Matching: 

The appearance of reclaimed Yorkstone means that it is the perfect fit for older properties, listed buildings and conservation areas

If you are renovating an older home, or you need to make sure you build a home that fits in seamlessly with the surrounding area in a traditional countryside town, using reclaimed stone can help you achieve this.

When building on an existing property, newly quarried stone will stand out from the stone already in place and negatively impact the overall appearance of the home. Because reclaimed stone has already been exposed to the weather, it will blend in much more easily.

4. Features: 

Reclaimed stone works beautifully for both internal and external features.

Whether you are looking to create a natural stone fireplace as an impactful living room centerpiece or a new patio and sitting area in your garden, using reclaimed stone can create an interesting focal point.

For examples of how you can use reclaimed stone, take a look at these 5 inspiring uses of dry stone walling in the garden.

5. Sizes:

Construction workers and property developers are often put off using reclaimed stone because of the misconception that you can only buy it in random sizes that make it more difficult to work with.

However, we offer standard size 140mm reclaimed walling stone so you can experience all the benefits of reclaimed, with the ease of newly quarried.

Abacus Stone Sales are a leading supplier of reclaimed Yorkshire stone. Give us a call on 07711 99 70 26 or email us at info@abacusstonesales.co.uk and we can supply all the reclaimed stone you need for your project.

Dry stone walls are a classic feature of any garden design. They’re durable, wildlife friendly, and a natural fit in any style of garden. So whether you live in a country cottage or a contemporary, minimalist home, using a stone wall can transform your space.

1. Raised plant beds

stone used for asian garden

Using a short stone wall along the length of a path to raise your plant beds will allow plants to grow above and over the walkway to create a more natural, overgrown effect. Whitmores, based in New York, used trees and grasses in raised beds along a twisting gravel path to add a sense of mystery to this Japanese inspired garden.

2. Separate seating areas

traditional garden stone

Stone walls can also be used to separate seating areas from the rest of the garden. Llama Group of Cheshire used reclaimed dry stone walling to build this contemporary sunken patio; providing shelter and privacy.

3. Secret gardens

rustic garden stone

If the size of your space allows for it, creating a ‘secret garden’ can be a beautiful and inspiring way to use reclaimed dry stone. Slater Associates built these faux ruins to hide the rustic, secluded area from the rest of the garden.

4. Feature ponds

mediterranean garden stone

Your pond can easily be transformed into a striking feature by using a stone wall, like the above from Claudia De Yong Garden Design in Sussex. The use of a natural stone wall and understated waterfall feature create a romantic atmosphere in this Mediterranean inspired garden.

5. Front garden boundaries

country garden stone usage

On top of using a wall as a feature in your back garden, a wall can also be used more traditionally as a boundary around your front garden. Instead of using a wooden fence or hedge, a wall adds privacy as well as an element of interest to this often forgotten part of the home. Honor Holmes Garden Design used a brick wall beautifully in this modern country style home in Battersea.

Are you feeling inspired to create your dream garden?

Whatever style you choose, give us a call on 07711 99 70 26 and we can provide all the new or reclaimed stone you need to create your perfect garden.

Or, if you’re still looking for more ideas on how you could use dry stone walls in your garden, read our previous blog post for further inspiration.