Wow, it’s been hot the last few days which is unheard of for February, this time last year it was -4 degrees and we were shovelling through snow in the quarries, but this year is a different story. We wanted to tell you all about the Yorkshire stone flags we have ready to go from our yard here in West Yorkshire ready for your build project up and down the country.

Ok, so if you are thinking of starting your build early you might be thinking about which type of stone to use, reclaimed stone is perfect if you want to build something that already has that Yorkshire charm and will also be cheaper too, we have tonnes of beautiful reclaimed Yorkshire stone in stock that we have lovingly restored back to its former glory and this stone used right can really add character and charm to any property. The other option is our newly cut sawn stone that we are finding being used across many new builds, you can view some videos of properties recently built with our new stone below.

As you can see this property in Halifax West Yorkshire is stunning and will stand the test of time using our jambs and quoin stones too for the window cills.

Alright, so you’re not thinking about constructing or extending your property but looking at landscaping, then you will want to get the best of the Yorkstone Flagstones we have to offer in our yard, again available in both reclaimed and new stone and can be cut by our expert stone masons to suit your needs. Yorkshire stone flags are used in London and all over the UK as the stone not only weathers beautifully but it’s actually well grained so perfect for non slip in wet English weather.

Whatever you needs are as we come into spring and the better weather starts to mean more building projects, here at Abacus Stone Sales we have a team of expert stone masons with a real passion for reclaimed Yorkshire stone and new stone from local quarries on hand to help you. Speak to a member of our team and make 2019 the year you get your build project done using the best in Yorkshire stone.

New buildings are considered to be a sign of progress. They represent the future and all its potential. This symbolism often means that people will instinctively work with exclusively new materials. However, this is not always the best way to do things. Sometimes, it is more advisable to work with reclaimed stone on your projects.

Think about it like this. You’re not going to want to spend an absolute fortune on a new build, and you might not want to have a home that looks like everyone else’s. We’re going to be taking a look at exactly why this might be the case, to try and help you appreciate the value of stone which isn’t necessarily brand new.

Environmentally Friendly Building

What you must first consider about reclaimed stone is that it is a more environmentally friendly option. As people use more and more of a precious and finite pool of resources, the desire to build something without impacting on the environment becomes more prominent.

reclaimed brushed stone

Reclaimed stone has already been used to create a building in the past. Therefore, it is suitable for building one now, without any alterations and changes. This sentiment does not apply to the raw materials which are needed to make a stone to work with – the elements must become suitable for construction before builders can use them. This process takes time and draws from a pool of resources which cannot be replenished

In essence, it’s a lot like recycling. We know that it’s a good thing to do and that we should be doing it, but how many of us take the time to do so? Do we throw away materials and things when we’re done with them, or should we take the time to try and be something more? That’s the whole point of this – reusing materials for the sake of looking after the planet, which as we all know is starting to show signs of wear and tear.

A Durable Nature

Some of the benefits of using reclaimed stone are not immediately obvious, such as increased durability. We want our houses to be made of suitable materials which will last us a long time, but at the same time not necessarily to be brand new.

Traditionally, you’ll find that older materials tend to be stronger than new ones. This is because in the past the emphasis was more on longevity and permanence than mass production. It was easier to build something that lasted than it was to construct multiple buildings that didn’t.

This does, however, mean that there is value to reclaimed stone because it will be stronger to work with. The material is going to be made of more long-lasting materials, and so you can build with confidence. You’re going to want a house that’ll stand up to just about anything – something powerful and robust. This kind of thing is harder and harder to come across in a modern world, where it’s not the priority anymore. Therefore, it can be in the interest of a lot of people to consider these older and stronger materials for use in their projects.

Cost Effective Materials

One of the most significant factors that no one stopped to consider is how cost-effective the materials are. It is going to cost companies a lot of money to make the stone suitable for use in a building. However, without this cost, they can sell the reclaimed stone for a much-reduced price and ensure that people are getting the best possible deal.

This reduced price makes reclaimed stone one of the most cost-effective materials available for people to consider when they look into building a structure. They can get access to the materials needed for a new build, but they don’t have to pay a lot for them. This frees up money for other projects or even other parts of the existing plan, depending upon what’s needed and where.

Looks Good & Already Aged

When you decide to make the transition to using reclaimed stone, you’re going to be getting a visual aesthetic which is hard to replicate — some people quite like the idea of a cracked wall which is still structurally fine but not neat and disciplined.

new build property using Abacus Stone reclaimed delph stone

A reclaimed stone wall could be the focal point of your home. Alternatively, it could lend a more traditional and natural look to your property, which is often heavily desired by many. People want to be able to enjoy a natural kind of home because the pristine new builds that we see nowadays aren’t always popular. It’s a good idea to consider just how much you’re willing to change for the sake of having a natural looking property.

To summarise, these are just a few of the different reasons why you should consider taking the time to look into using reclaimed stone for your business. While it may not seem like the best possible idea, to begin with, sitting down and considering the facts is one of the most important parts of building a home. It’s not about the looks for everyone, and for some, there’s nothing more important than being cost-effective and getting the best possible house with the least impact on the environment. It makes a lot of sense to reuse materials which have been torn down. You’re not generating any more cost and anything new in the way of expenses. And that is, to be honest, a big part of building. We’re all acutely aware that life isn’t as happy as it may seem. There’s a lot of damage being done to the environment and a lot of money being needlessly spent. People want to avoid that as much as possible. That’s why many people will try and work with reclaimed stone. It’s a much safer and more natural way of building that doesn’t have such a massive detrimental impact on the world around us. Plus, it looks really good when there’s a unique design on your walls because it’s almost impossible to replicate.

*Updated 11th October 2018

When you think of a new driveway, you might think of resin, patterned concrete or even just standard tarmac which is great, but if you really want to stand out and make a statement, then why not go really retro and go back to cobblestones. We supply new and reclaimed cobblestones which would need to be laid by a professional company like Sugdens (click here to visit their website).

Here are some images of recent work and the process of laying the cobble stones for a driveway in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

We supply cobblestones for all types of projects throughout the UK so if you are looking for a long established cobblestone supplier in the UK, then why not call the yard and we can get you the best quotes for your next project. We also specialise in reclaimed stone and new stone for building projects.

Following on from the work, here is the more up to date work with the setts from this project.

Abacus Stone Sales have recently supplied Reclaimed Stone for the the Manor House in Lindley Huddersfield.We supply all the reclaimed stone for the new wedding venue including: Heads, Cills, Stone Flags and Cobbles. We supplied Random Walling Stone for the gardens

and stone for the Masonry work on the listed building, complete with Sawn Flag Stones, Wall Tops and Coping.

The contractor for the Manor House is Robinsons Renovations.


Well Yorkshire reigns supreme at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in London. On a beautiful warm spring day The Yorkshire Garden looked stunning and was so well designed that you could be forgiven for thinking you were in stunning Yorkshire Dales.

In helping the Yorkshire Garden win the top spot, we were asked to supply some of our natural Yorkstone Flags and reclaimed natural weathered stone from our local quarry in Honley West Yorkshire.

For the event we supplied different types of natural and reclaimed stone from the event.

Chelsea flower show stone by Abacus

The Yorkshire Garden in full force in the beautiful sunshine

We supplied the following stone:

Our Yorkshire stone has long been regarded as the best Yorkshire stone with natural quarries in the stunning countryside of West Yorkshire that is synonymous with this county. Adding our Yorkstone to this project really brought an authentic feel to garden which helped the florists in creating the ultimate Yorkshire Garden and as proud Yorkshire folk we are over the moon that we came 1st!

Well done to all involved!

If you want to read more about the event, please click the button below to visit the page.




You might remember from our earlier post where a customer of ours Scott Wilson sourced the finest Yorkshire stone and Yorkstone Flags for paving their Californian home to bring a touch of Yorkshire to the West Coast of the USA.

Well Scott has been kind enough to send over the completed pictures of his Californian paving and we think the Mexican masons have done a fantastic job.

Scott wrote:

Hello Allan,

Following up on my earlier email I thought you would appreciate seeing how we used the remainder of the Yorkstone pavers at our home project.

Happy as we were with the front walkway and the smaller pavers, we had no idea of the impact of using the larger pavers for the patio on the north side of the house. The courses ranged from 18″- 26″ and at the recommendation of a more experienced mason, we decreased the joint size slightly due to the near-perfect squareness of the pavers.  The net result was a more monolithic sweep of stone that seems like it has been in place for years.  We so loved the look and feel of the large pavers that we used the leftovers to extend the stone stairs at the north with in-ground courses that transition to a gravel terrace beyond.

We finished the work just in time for our son’s wedding and the guests at the reception were all praising the wonderful feel and look of the Yorkstone.  I am grateful to have found your company and its fine products and wish you continued success.

With best regards,

Scott Wilson AIACalifornian Homeowner

Please feel free to scroll through the images to grab some inspiration for your next paving project, here at Abacus we deliver our stone worldwide and have the best selection of reclaimed and new stone from Yorkshire available and can cut and press to your requirements.

As you can see this Californian home is the talk of the town and is definitely unique, but we are seeing more and more homes around the world using Yorkstone for their paving projects with it being so unique and weathers beautifully. You can really tell the difference when you see real natural Yorkshire stone no matter whether it’s reclaimed or new building stone.

For more information on our huge array of Yorkshire stone from our own quarries here in Honley Yorkshire speak to a member of our team today!


Yorkstone’s natural durability and beautiful appearance has made it one of the most popular construction materials and a preferred choice for houses, driveways and public spaces across the UK.

It is also a highly versatile material that can be used to give your home and garden a unique, characterful feel. The possibilities, from fireplaces to water features, are endless and below are just a few ideas to kick-start your imagination.

Garden terrace

Reclaimed Yorkstone flags are the perfect material for creating a rustic looking feature in any garden. In this example, Cheshire-based Topia Garden Design used them to make a terrace area for seating and raised beds.

Dry stone wall raised beds

Dry stone walling isn’t just for farms and it can add a real touch of style in gardens. Here, London-based The Garden Builders have used it to create raised beds around a Yorkstone patio.

Garden seat

Wirral-based Native Landscape Design created this bench from walling stone and flags, with the finished seat both practical and an eye-catching feature. As it’s Yorkstone, you can be sure it will outlive any wooden or plastic garden furniture by many years.

Door step

You don’t need a grand porch to make a feature of the entrance to your home, as this simple but attractive door step created by Gardens Galore of Perthshire demonstrates.

Roof terrace

If you are lucky enough to have a property big enough for a roof terrace, Yorkstone flags are the ideal choice to give it some character, as Janet Bligh Garden Designs of Hampshire did here.

Whatever you want it for, Abacus Stone Sales can help you to find the right reclaimed Yorkstone for your project. Call us at the yard on 07711 997026 or contact us via to discuss your requirements.

Bricks are a popular choice for home building projects; they’re strong, durable and easy to work with, as well as appealing to look at. Reclaimed handmade bricks in particular have a great aged appearance that’s hard to achieve with newer materials.

So whether you live in a contemporary new build, or a country cottage, reclaimed bricks could be the perfect choice for a wide range of home improvement projects.

Feature walls

exposed brick stone

Exposed brick walls are a great way to add warmth and character to a room. Incorporating brick into your interiors is an effective way to create a feature wall that’s bold and eye-catching, without overpowering the rest of the room. Devon based architects, Van Ellen + Sheryn used a red brick wall to beautifully contrast and add a more traditional element to this otherwise very modern home.


contemporary living with exposed brick

Similarly to the brick wall, a brick fireplace can be a great way to bring feelings of warmth and comfort into a space. Leaving the bricks exposed will create a more rustic looking feature, while painting them a neutral colour (like in the above photo from Bernardo Grijalva Photography) creates the cosy atmosphere, while maintaining the overall sleek, contemporary theme of the room.


Walled gardens

Walled stone walls Yorkshire

 Rustic, reclaimed handmade bricks work beautifully in walled gardens, such as this one from Design Focus. The red brick used to build the wall is a striking focal piece that contrasts well with the green of the foliage surrounding it. And red bricks work especially well in the garden when used alongside a Yorkshire flagstone path.

Raised seating areas

contemporary patio

Bricks are strong, durable and weatherproof, making them ideal for building a raised outdoor seating area. However, new bricks can be very bright in colour, so using reclaimed will soften the structure and help it blend into its surroundings a little more easily. Emmett Russell Architects used brick and light wood to create this peaceful contemporary patio in Vauxhall.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re planning any home improvement projects, call Abacus Stone Sales on 07711 99 70 26 and we can supply all the reclaimed handmade bricks you need.

Or if you require help deciding the type of brick or stone you need, we provide a stone matching service to make sure you find the perfect materials for your project.

Choosing the right stone is crucial when starting any building project – and while cost is a factor, there are a number of other things you will need to consider as well.

Age of the property

If you’re extending an existing building, you might want to consider the age of the property when choosing a building stone. For older homes, reclaimed Yorkstone could be a great choice that sits naturally alongside the existing stonework. While on the other hand, newer properties may look better with newly quarried stone.

If working on a new build, think about how you’d like it to look – do you want it to look brand new, or would you prefer a more aged appearance?

Desired appearance

The type of stone you choose will determine how the property looks, so you will need to take the style of home you want to build into consideration.

If you want your home to have a more traditional or rustic appearance, delph walling stone and reclaimed random walling are both popular choices. The different shapes and sizes mean that the final appearance will be completely unique and the weathered texture adds a great aged look.

Alternatively, light coloured, uniform stone such as cropped building stone or dyed stone will create a contemporary appearance that’s well suited to new build houses. However, very dark coloured stone can create a more dramatic, but still modern, look.

Existing stonework

When building an extension or outbuilding, you might want to take the existing stonework into consideration. If you know what type of stone or brick was used previously, you can then search for either the same material, or something visually similar.

If you send us a photo of your existing stonework, we can look through our stock of new and reclaimed Yorkshire stone to find the best match. Or you can visit the Abacus Stone Sales yard and we’ll help you find the right stone for your project.

Location of the property

You also might want to think about location when choosing stone for your construction project. How do the homes around it look – are they all fairly similar or do they vary in appearance? If the surrounding properties are quite similar, would you want your home to match?

The nature around your home may also influence your stone choice. If you live in the countryside, do you want to build a traditional, cottage style home? Or would you rather stand out with a more modern design?

If the property you’re working on is built on designated land (national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites), you might not be permitted to use certain stones / cladding, so you will need to factor in any restrictions when buying building materials.

Environmental factors

reclaimed delph walling

Do you need to factor in the environmental impact of the materials you choose? If so, reclaimed stone could be the way to go.

Quarrying and manufacturing building stone and bricks is very energy intensive, and creating new materials can result in high volumes of waste and carbon emissions, which are harmful to the environment. When you choose to buy reclaimed stone instead, you’re not just cutting out the manufacturing process, you are also reusing older Yorkstone, which is even more environmentally friendly than recycling.

Abacus Stone Sales have the largest stock of reclaimed Yorkstone in Yorkshire. For help selecting the right stone for your building project, call us on 07711 99 70 26 or send an email with a photo of your existing stonework to