*Updated 11th October 2018

When you think of a new driveway, you might think of resin, patterned concrete or even just standard tarmac which is great, but if you really want to stand out and make a statement, then why not go really retro and go back to cobblestones. We supply new and reclaimed cobblestones which would need to be laid by a professional company like Sugdens (click here to visit their website).

Here are some images of recent work and the process of laying the cobble stones for a driveway in Huddersfield West Yorkshire.

We supply cobblestones for all types of projects throughout the UK so if you are looking for a long established cobblestone supplier in the UK, then why not call the yard and we can get you the best quotes for your next project. We also specialise in reclaimed stone and new stone for building projects.

Following on from the work, here is the more up to date work with the setts from this project.

We have recently supplied Yorkshire stone cobbles for Sugdens Developments of Huddersfield. Yorkshire stone cobbles are perfect for driveways, as they are hardwearing enough to cope with heavy foot traffic and vehicles, and will last for decades.

We source our reclaimed Yorkstone cobbles from streets around the north of England and supply them for a wide variety of projects nationwide, including driveways, paths and garden edging for luxury housing developments. We have large stocks of reclaimed Yorkstone cobbles at our yard in Holmfirth and can help you to find an exact match for your project.

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