New Stone Colour Matching

Here at Abacus we always get asked about colour matching our stone to fit with existing building projects and old building renovations. Reclaimed stone is the perfect choice if you are looking to match to an existing building project or refurbishment as the stone has been weathered over time and will have darkened at certain parts of the stone. As York Stone is very unique to the Yorkshire area it is made up of sandstone with quartz and mica elements that make this stone unique to Yorkshire areas.

Many of our customers come to us with requirements and it’s in our interest to match the stone that best suits their building needs so this can be done by bringing some samples of the stone or even some high definition close up images so we can find the best reclaimed stone that suits your needs.

Below we can show you some types of new and reclaimed stone colour matching with dying and tumbling stone to give you an idea on how you can get the best out of colour matching new and reclaimed.

New Stone Colour Matching

New stone can be colour matched into existing building projects, new stone is strong with it being newly quarried so you will have the assurance that the build will be well held but also we can weather the stone to make it fit in with an existing project.

Dyed and Tumble Stone

This stone is 140 mm new sawn bed stone dyed and tumbled to different shades as per customers preferences. We can do this stone from light aged to really dark to match some old buildings that are nearly black form the dirt and grim of the industrial revolution, check out the gallery below to see how we age the new stone ready for build.

New Sawn Stone

Newly sawn stone can be slightly weathered to create a lightly weathered effect, this new stone still looks new, but not so new that there is no character, the stone is cut still to give the desired feel of the York Stone build.