Wow, it’s been hot the last few days which is unheard of for February, this time last year it was -4 degrees and we were shovelling through snow in the quarries, but this year is a different story. We wanted to tell you all about the Yorkshire stone flags we have ready to go from our yard here in West Yorkshire ready for your build project up and down the country.

Ok, so if you are thinking of starting your build early you might be thinking about which type of stone to use, reclaimed stone is perfect if you want to build something that already has that Yorkshire charm and will also be cheaper too, we have tonnes of beautiful reclaimed Yorkshire stone in stock that we have lovingly restored back to its former glory and this stone used right can really add character and charm to any property. The other option is our newly cut sawn stone that we are finding being used across many new builds, you can view some videos of properties recently built with our new stone below.

As you can see this property in Halifax West Yorkshire is stunning and will stand the test of time using our jambs and quoin stones too for the window cills.

Alright, so you’re not thinking about constructing or extending your property but looking at landscaping, then you will want to get the best of the Yorkstone Flagstones we have to offer in our yard, again available in both reclaimed and new stone and can be cut by our expert stone masons to suit your needs. Yorkshire stone flags are used in London and all over the UK as the stone not only weathers beautifully but it’s actually well grained so perfect for non slip in wet English weather.

Whatever you needs are as we come into spring and the better weather starts to mean more building projects, here at Abacus Stone Sales we have a team of expert stone masons with a real passion for reclaimed Yorkshire stone and new stone from local quarries on hand to help you. Speak to a member of our team and make 2019 the year you get your build project done using the best in Yorkshire stone.

Our Grade reclaimed grade A Yorkstone flags are well known not just throughout Yorkshire but through the whole of the UK. Yorkstone is perfect for paving and is used widely throughout London too, in fact, a lot of London and City of London paving is done in Yorkshire stone as its so durable and looks fantastic.

In this project in Yorkshire our customer is using our Grade A Yorkshire Stone Flags for their patio area along with the gothic style planters.

Here at Abacus Stone Sales, we supply our flagstones throughout the UK and help homeowners and business owners realise their patio and outside flag potential with stone that only makes the grade. You won’t get anything less than the best Yorkshire has to offer with us and our pictures tell the story.



Further to our announcement of Abacus Stone Sales reclaimed and new stone being used in the overall winner at last years Royal Chelsea Flower Show we have been provided with a video to show you how our magnificent Yorkshire stone helped the judges sway to this wild Yorkshire garden.

Have a look at the video below, we love it and know you will too!

Random redressed Yorkshire Stone supplied by Abacus Stone Sales for a new building project in Devon.

We recently supplied our random redressed Yorkshire stone for a new build project Devon, the customer wanted to bring a slice of Yorkshire to Devon using the contemporary new Yorkstone. As you can see from the images, the stone is beautifully dressed and cut for purpose and ready to build. As the project moves along, we will update this blog post to show you the progression of the work and new build.

More and more homes are being built throughout the UK using Yorkstone and it’s not unusual to see Yorkshire stone in London, Birmingham, Exeter, Brighton and the home counties. Check out the gallery below of the build project supplied by us here at Abacus Stone Sales.

We supply the best authentic Yorkshire stone for building, roofing and paving/driveways throughout the UK including London where we supply our stone for multiple purposes, if you are looking to build your home and add value and character then we can supply the right building stone for you. Why not call the yard for more information on 07711 99 70 26

Abacus stone sales have just supplied some Yorkshire Stone Boulders for Urban Wilderness project Bloom. The Brief was  to find some medium sizes boulders for this urban garden, bringing the moorlands in to the city.

Urban Wilderness sent there designer over on the train and we collected him from the station and took him to pick the rustic boulders ( these were some boulders stones we had stored on a farm and have been there for over 20 years and we just go get them now and again for just such projects ) then we drop him back at the station after he had selected his 8 boulders.



Hi Allan & Team, Firstly a massive thanks from myself and the studio for your support with Bloom in York! We are just collating all the media coverage, photographs and videos from the build and festival. We have been informed by McArthurGlen (Client) and also the curator of Bloom! Festival Lotte Inch, that they have received some very positive feedback. We are now also looking to put it in for a Landscape Institute award under the Design for temporary landscape category.


Random Stone Walling – What Is It, And What Can It Be Used For?

When considering your building options, there are a handful of different options that you have to consider. All of these possibilities will help to change the planned construct, and can ultimately make the difference between something you like, and something you love. In order to make sure that the structure they build is one they love, a lot of people choose to work with random stone walling. However, there’s an even larger percentage of the population who don’t know what it is, how it’s useful, or what it can be used for. To try and make sure that you make the best choice for your home, we’re going to be looking at random stone walling in more detail.

What Is Random Stone Walling? 

To begin with, we have to understand exactly what random stone walling is in order to make sure that you know what you’re getting into. When you normally get the materials for stone walling, each stone comes cut to a uniform length and width, and looks identical to all the other stones that come with it. This effect is very symmetrical and neat, which is a lot of people want when they build structures. However, the random stone walling is different because the lengths of stone are taken from structures which have been knocked down or altered, and aren’t cut to that uniform length. Instead, they give an appearance of a somewhat haphazard and eclectic collection of building materials.

random wall stone in Yorkshire

How Is This Helpful?

Now of course, some people might be confused as to what this style of walling could possibly contribute to the building of a home or structure. However, there are quite a few benefits which stem from this kind of material. Obviously, if the stone doesn’t have to be cut down into all of those regular lengths, then you can save money. The material doesn’t have to be sold for as much by the providers, which means that the cost for actually building the structure you want is much less. Furthermore, people have often said there is an aesthetic value to random stone walling. Because there’s no telling what configuration the stone walling materials will come in, you’ll often have a very unique and attractive design. This on its own can often draw a lot of people to random stone walling, because sometimes the uniform and matching cuts of the stones doesn’t marry up with the vision they had in their own heads.

What Can I Make With Random Stone Walling?

If you’re now hooked on the idea of random stone walling, you wouldn’t be alone. There’s been a lot of people who’ve read about the benefits of random stone walling and been intrigued at the idea of using it. It’s a highly desirable option, and this has been further improved upon when you consider how many different options you have available.

handmade bricks feature wall at home

One thing that people do decide to do fairly often is to make buildings from random stone walling, or at least a feature wall. The effect is very natural and highly appealing, which makes random stone walling highly appealing among those who are bored of the very similar and uniform look that a lot of modern housing is designed with. However, the potential for random stone walling doesn’t stop there. There’s a lot of different other things that you can choose to do with your random stone walling materials. Garden structures are known to be immensely popular, providing people with the kind of natural and inexpensive option that they’ve been looking for. However, it’s also worth noting that you can use random stone walling for a wide selection of other different options in the garden.

Rockeries are proving to be very popular for the garden, as they provide you with all of the beauty of random stone walling but they aren’t as large or potentially arduous to construct. You also might see random stone walling at use as the materials to create garages as well, which further serves to highlight just how practical the material is. These are of course, just a handful of the different options which are available. What you choose to do with random stone walling is your lookout entirely – we’ve heard of all kinds of different uses for the stone. Because he unique aesthetic is so incredibly versatile. It can be and often is completely at home among all kinds of different options.

Overall, random stone walling is an incredible option for you to use, and is well worth investing in should you choose to work with stone but dislike the uniform and exact design of normal stone walls. The precise and neat look isn’t for everyone, and that’s completely understandable. Some people prefer the natural randomness of stone – nature and circumstance can warp and change the shape into a variety of different options. Weathering, impacts and other factors all play a part in creating the ultimate collection of stones, and to be able to harness that is very reminiscent of a simpler time.

That’s honestly what attracts people, as well as the low cost. People don’t want to spend thousands on a project if they can help it, and random stone walling allows for all kinds of different options should you want it. It’s much cheaper to acquire because we as providers don’t have to cut it to shape or source it free of imperfections. Plus, there’s so much that it can be used for. Having a material which works in a variety of different places is always desirable. We want flexibility because we never know when a creative inspiration will strike. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to review all of the pros and cons of a random stone walling, because it’s highly desirable when people figure out just how useful it can be. If you’re looking for a way to build a feature wall or structure and want something unique, this is well worth looking into.

If you are thinking about a stone project for your home, then speak to a member of our team who can point you in the right direction and which type of stone is best to use, whether it be reclaimed stone or new stone or even bricks.

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