Yorkstone Buying Service

As part of our commitment to supplying the best reclaimed Yorkstone to our customers, we are always keen to buy high-quality natural stone.

If you are based in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, High Peak or Cheshire and have genuine Yorkstone you no longer need, please give us a call on 07711 997 026.

Whether the job is as simple as removing a few flagstones as part of a garden makeover or as big as needing a stone building demolishing and the rubble taking away, we are keen to speak to you.

We believe in paying a fair price for all the stone we buy and making things as straightforward as possible for the seller. So you can expect our team to do all the heavy lifting and to provide the transportation for the stone, followed by swift payment (on the day of collection for many jobs).

The types of genuine Yorkshire stone products we are interested in include:

  • Flagstones from driveways, patios, paths and public areas
  • Flagstones used for flooring in homes or public buildings
  • Cobbles and setts (Yorkstone or granite)
  • Roof slates
  • Building stone
  • Walling stone
  • Steps and kerbs

The Abacus team also have significant experience of working on demolition sites and we are happy to work in partnership with other demolition contractors to salvage Yorkshire stone from old mills, factories, churches, schools, public buildings and houses that are being knocked down. We can undertake work on site or agree a simple purchase and collect deal for the Yorkstone, depending on what best suits your requirements.

If you have any Yorkstone you no longer need and are interested in selling, call us on 07711 997 026 or email some photos to info@abacusstonesales.co.uk for a quote.