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Abacus leads the way with nationwide reclaimed stone sales

We all know that planning and designing your house or garden project is a major task - you have it planned out, have an idea in mind on how you want the finished result to look but need to pick the right products for the job. That’s where the Abacus team can step in and help…

Confused with builders' jargon and which stone building products to choose? We understand that not everybody that walks through our gates has the same level of knowledge and building expertise of our stones,  and the products that we sell. That’s where the Abacus team can help you make the right choice. 

We are one of the largest suppliers of new and reclaimed stone sales in the country and are open to the trade and public. We also appreciate that whilst a stone slab on its own may give you an idea, it can be hard to think what they may look visually once it’s part of the bigger picture. This is why we have invested time and money into building a 35ft sample panel walling display of new and reclaimed stone outside our yard to help you visualise how our new and reclaimed stone products would look walled. 

Our builders have built 15 panels 1m x 3m incorporating over 10 of our new and reclaimed stone products we currently stock and sell. 

These products are:

These are just a few of the stone building products from our large catalogue of stock that we sell. No matter how big or small the job is, we have Yorkshire stone to suit a variety of projects and garden styles. We can also dye and tumble stone to mimic the reclaimed look and have recently walled our most popular product: our new 140mm split faced tumbled and dyed stone which is also shown on our sample panel. 

Unsure how to pair up new building stone with existing stone? No problem.

If you need help matching stone to existing buildings and surroundings, or if you fancy a bespoke unique stone / piece, look no further.

Give us a call on 07711997026 and our expert team will be happy to help.

Alternatively, why not call in to view our amazing sample panel walling.

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