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Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags for Interior Floors

Reclaimed Yorkstone flags are a popular choice for driveways, patios and paths, but their beautiful appearance means they can also be a great choice for home interiors.

If you are planning to create a high-end country kitchen or an impressive entrance hall, or are looking to renovate a farmhouse or rural cottage, here’s why you may wish to give serious consideration to reclaimed Yorkshire stone flags for the floor.

Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags for Interior Floors

A characterful appearance

Every reclaimed flagstone has a unique appearance. Those from outdoor locations have stunning colouration thanks to the natural weathering process, while flags that were originally used in churches, pubs and public buildings have a wonderful smooth finish thanks to the heavy foot traffic they have been subjected to.

Reclaimed Yorkstone flags in their natural state will give your kitchen or hall floor a rustic feel and ensure that the room is unique. If you like the feel of sandstone, but want a little more control over the colour of the flags, it is possible to stain them to give a more uniform appearance, to make them look even older or just to match a particular interior design scheme.


Yorkstone is among the hardest wearing building materials available. There’s plenty of evidence to support this statement – just look at the thousands of homes across the north of England built from it during the Victorian era that are still standing, not to mention the great condition of the original floors in many old churches and pubs.

It is far harder to damage a natural sandstone floor than one with a wooden, tiled or laminated surface, as the stone’s natural properties make it ultra-durable. Once laid, you can be certain a Yorkshire stone floor will outlive you and a couple of future generations.

It is also easy to clean, with nothing more than an occasional going over with a broom or mop required to keep it looking good. You can seal the flags to guard against stains if you wish, although some homeowners view markings as a natural part of the ageing process that enhances the floor’s appearance.

The green choice

The manufacturing process for many new building materials requires significant energy consumption and further energy is used and carbon emissions generated by importing them to the UK. In the case of materials produced in parts of the world in which environmental legislation is less strict, the levels of pollution can be quite high.

Reclaimed natural stone flags – like almost all reclaimed materials – are a significantly more environmentally-friendly choice. In fact, reusing materials is the greenest option of all, as there is no new manufacturing or recycling process to consume energy and produce carbon emissions. The only emissions come from transporting the flagstones the relatively short journey from the reclamation yard to your home.

Perfect for underfloor heating

The modern world has finally realised what the Romans discovered 2,000 years ago – that underfloor heating is one of the most comfortable and effective methods of keeping a home at the right temperature. Reclaimed Yorkstone flags work perfectly with underfloor heating, so are well worth considering if you plan to install this type of heating system.

For more information about the types of reclaimed Yorkstone flags we can source, please click here or contact Abacus Stone Sales for some advice on the most suitable flagstones for your home.