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What Is Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire Paving Stone?

Whether you’re considering reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire paving stone for your next project, or simply want to brush up on your knowledge of stone, this blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the features, benefits and uses of Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire paving stone.

Defining Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire Stone

Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire paving stone, also known as reused Yorkstone paving, refers to stone salvaged from antique residential properties from indoors and outdoors.

As the name suggests, Yorkstone is a type of sandstone found and quarried in Yorkshire. Yorkstone has a rich history within the UK, dating back to the stone age times.

We take great pride in sourcing high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone Grade-A paving to ensure that our customers receive the best products available. Unlike other stone suppliers, we refrain from sourcing reclaimed stone from mills or industrial properties due to their inferior quality and contamination that can not always be seen. 

Features Of Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire Stone

Yorkshire stone is a tightly formed, carboniferous sedimentary rock that is well known for its exceptional hard-wearing and durable qualities.

Boasting fantastic organic properties, Yorkshire stone is a versatile material that is highly sought after due to its natural ability to weather in and become at harmony with its surroundings, by taking lichens and mosses that give it its beautiful weathered natural patina.

Benefits Of Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire Paving Stone

Reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire Paving Stone has a wealth of structural and visual benefits, and we’ve listed some of the key advantages below:

  • Damage Resistance - As mentioned above, the stone has been in use for centuries, and over time has withstood some of the harshest environmental challenges. Reclaimed Yorkshire
    stone is a long-lasting and robust material that is more durable than other forms of paving stone.

  • Desirable Aesthetic - Reclaimed Yorkstone is lauded for its attractive appearance and can be used to create a historic look for your project. The stone is perfect for adding charm and character to your property.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Unlike new stone, reclaimed Yorkstone reuses historical materials and only requires a small amount of energy to transport it from one site to another.

  • Match Existing Structures -The stone is naturally seasoned and can be used to match your project to existing structures in the surrounding area.

Is It Right For My Project?

Reclaimed stones are ideal for creating stylish and desirable outdoor areas around your home and garden, including patios, driveways and steps. In contrast to new stone, reclaimed Grade-A Yorkshire paving features a unique texture that enables you to create a rustic look for your landscaping project.

For over three decades we’ve supplied landscapers, builders and renovators with high-quality reclaimed Yorkshire stone in a range of styles, sizes and finishes. Contact us to discuss your paving stone requirements in more detail.

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