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New Calibrated Indian Paving

The unique and comforting blends of colour available in our hand-picked collection of outdoor sandstone paving slabs is perfect for every garden, patio, or otherwise outside application. Indian sandstone is durable, hard-wearing, and low-maintenance – meaning your slabs will last you for many years while keeping their characterful appearance. Indian Sandstone paving can also be used to create Fireplace Hearths.

Combine the rustic charm of a natural surface with a machined underside with calibrated natural stone. This allows for a more consistent thickness for ease of laying. Hand-cut rough edges and machine cut sawn edges are also available. The paving is calibrated to 22mm and is available in several different shades and comes in patio packs or coursed sizes.

For that added character and period looking patio area, why not consider using Reclaimed Cathedral Grade Paving, Grade A Paving, or try our new ashlar sawn paving which is ideal for new builds and modern contemporary projects.

New Sandstone Indian paving is a good quality versatile paving at a fraction of a cost of all our Yorkshire stone products. This is ideal for contracting where prices are cost sensitive and projects are budgeted.

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