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Reclaimed 140mm Yorkshire Walling Stone

140mm Reclaimed Yorkshire walling stone offers the best of both worlds; the authentic and premium look of reclaimed stone, alongside the standardised sizes of new stone – making it a quick and cost-effective material to build with.

This reclaimed stone is skillfully prepared and cut into the standard 140mm coursed size – a dimension, which is quickly and easily laid, providing savings on build-time and cost.

The reclaimed walling stone is of uniform height and can be used with our reclaimed or new standard stone quoins, heads and cills – all cut to the right size – to provide a ready-made walling system.

It is a simple way to provide a new build with character and is a good match for extensions and refurbishments. It also allows homeowners to ensure they can find stone to match in the future, e.g. if you want to add another extension from similar looking stone. We can re-supply any quantity of this standardised, reclaimed Yorkshire stone, for garages, extensions or porches.

140mm walling stone cost-effective and straight-forward material to build with, meaning benefits for the contractor and the project owner. We can also supply reclaimed random walling and backing stone if it’s a non-uniform look you are going for.

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