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Reclaimed Random Walling / Backing Stone

Reclaimed Yorkshire stone is often available in various forms, including flagstones, walling stone, and cobbles, each with its own set of characteristics and potential uses. Whether it’s for an outdoor patio, a rustic interior flooring, or a feature wall, the versatility of reclaimed Yorkshire stone makes it a valuable asset for any construction or landscaping project.

The Advantages of Reclaimed Yorkshire Stone

The advantages of using reclaimed Yorkshire stone extend beyond its visual appeal. One of the primary benefits is the sustainable aspect of repurposing existing materials. By choosing reclaimed stone, you contribute to the conservation of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact associated with quarrying and processing new stone. This aligns with the principles of sustainable design and construction, making reclaimed Yorkshire stone an ethical choice for environmentally-conscious projects.

Another advantage lies in the durability and longevity of reclaimed Yorkshire stone. Due to its weathered nature, this stone has already withstood the test of time, demonstrating its resilience and ability to withstand various weather conditions. When properly maintained, reclaimed Yorkshire stone can last for generations, further enhancing its appeal as a long-term investment for any construction or landscaping endeavour.

We supply the stone in random sizes backed off at approximately 140mm on bed ready to be walled. Each stone is entirely unique, allowing the builder to create an individualised and random finish, which is perfect for landscape work and rural buildings.

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