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Reclaimed Yorkstone Kerbs/Steps

Our reclaimed Yorkstone kerbs are an ideal solution within a landscaping scheme. Installed as a kerb edging to a raised path, or can be used as steps, the reclaimed patio kerb stones will complement any types of paving, including our Cathedral-Grade stone or [Grade-A paving stone].

They can also be used for edging, to frame the area where a garden meets a driveway, for example. Reclaimed patio kerb stones give a much more natural and weathered appearance than new kerb stones, providing a premium and authentic look for any garden or landscaping project.

What size patio kerb stones can you supply?

We stock a wide range of sizes of kerb stones for driveways, patios and gardens and can also cut materials down to the size that you require them.

Call the yard on 07711 997 026 or complete the form below to find out more about our stock, prices and delivery.

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