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Reclaimed Yorkshire Roof Slates

Reclaimed Yorkshire slates are salvaged from demolished buildings and refurbishment projects across the region.

Our Yorkshire stone roof slates are naturally hard-wearing. Properly maintained, they will last for the lifetime of your home.

When it comes to durability, Yorkshire stone roof slates stand out from the competition. They are fireproof and weather-proof, and for that reason, Yorkstone roof slates are one of the most sustainable roofing materials available.

Yorkstone is considered a premium material, and is often the slate of choice for farmhouses, barn conversions and extensions.

Buying reclaimed stone roof slates means that your project is more environmentally-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing.

Our salvaged Yorkstone slates, also known as Yorkshire Greys, are carefully removed from existing buildings, cleaned and re-palletised ready for dispatch. This material is sold by the tonne or in singular units to suit any project.Call the yard on 07711 997 026 or complete the enquiry form below to find out more about our stock, prices and delivery.

For a more cost-effective alternative, take a look at our new Indian stone roof slates.

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