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Benefits Of Using Reclaimed Random Walling

Over the years, Abacus Stone Sales have used reclaimed random walling to create a wide range of stunning homes and gardens. In this blog post we reveal the key benefits, features and uses of reclaimed random walling stone.

What Is Reclaimed Random Walling?

Reclaimed Random Walling Stone | Abacus Stone Sales

Reclaimed random walling stone, also known as backing stone, is renowned for its flexibility and durability. As the name suggests, each stone is unique, and unlike new stone, it’s not cut to a uniform size and shape. Instead, builders, landscapers and DIY enthusiasts use reclaimed random walling to create bespoke finishes.  

#1 - Reclaimed Random Walling Stone Is Extremely Versatile 

Reclaimed random walling stone is one of the most versatile stone types and can be used in a variety of projects. Naturally, one of the most obvious uses of reclaimed stone is walling - including structural, decorative and landscapes.

Due to its unique aesthetic appeal reclaimed random walling is commonly used in extensions and conversions. The stylish stone allows users to introduce a natural and rustic appearance into their home. Random walling stone is also ideal for projects where individuals would like the appearance of their structure to blend in with the surrounding environment.

#2 - Cost-Effective Alternative To New Stone

As you will have noticed, natural stone often comes in various shapes and sizes. Although it is possible to get a uniform look for your stone, this can be a costly and time consuming process. Embracing the unsymmetrical appearance of reclaimed random walling stone can deliver significant cost savings for your project.

#3 - Rustic And Traditional Style

Most reclaimed walling stone has spent the majority of its lifetime being exposed to nature. Over time the stone has adapted to its environment resulting in a rustic aesthetic.

Reclaimed random walling stone is ideal for individuals who would like to give their property a more traditional style. Reclaimed random walling combines all of the individual properties of each stone to create a unique and distinctive look that oozes character.

#4 - High-Quality Reclaimed Random Walling

At Abacus Stone Sales, we’re committed to sourcing the highest quality reclaimed York stone. In contrast to other stone suppliers, we refrain from sourcing reclaimed stone from mills or industrial properties due their poor quality and appearance.

Whether it’s for an upcoming project or you’re simply browsing the market, call the Abacus Stone Sales yard today on 07725 810975 or complete this form to learn more about our reclaimed random walling stock, prices and delivery service.