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Summer 2021 Garden And Landscaping Trends

For most people, the ever-looming fear of a change in lockdown restrictions has ruled out any chances of spending the summer abroad. In all likelihood, the majority of us will be soaking in the sun from the comfort of our own homes.

With this in mind, it’s the perfect opportunity to review and update your garden to ensure that it suits your needs this summer. To provide a little inspiration, we’ve compiled the latest garden and landscaping trends.

Blank Canvas

The world may not be your oyster this year, but if you’re starting from scratch with your garden you’ve still got the freedom to get creative and explore. Treat your garden like a blank canvas. Test different materials, themes and layouts to get a better idea of the perfect garden for you.

If you’re struggling to visualise how you can transform your outdoor living space, check out these handy blog posts as a starting point: Traditional & Contemporary Garden Design and Six Design Ideas For Natural Stone Patios.

Adding Levels

Although there’s nothing wrong with a flat garden layout, an outdoor space that features multiple levels can give you a greater degree of freedom and flexibility to customise your garden.

By having multiple levels you’re able to section off areas in your garden and use each zone for a specific activity such as dining, playing and relaxing. Use a combination of stone and wood materials to add depth and levels to your garden. Space permitting, you could even add steps leading to your terrace or patio area to create a focal point.

Natural Materials

Gardens are often viewed as the symbol of nature. Typically, outdoor spaces tend to be filled with plants, trees and flowers which helps to create a state of serenity and peace.

Natural and reclaimed stone materials like Yorkstone Cathedral Paving, Granite Cobbles and Dry Stone Walling are the perfect accompaniment for garden greenery. With a healthy combination of hard-wearing landscaping materials and vegetation, you can create a well-balanced and refined aesthetic for your garden.

Outdoor Bars

Throughout the lockdown period, pubs and bars have been severely missed. Although our favourite taprooms have opened up again, there’s still a fantastic opportunity to bring the party home with your very own outdoor bar.

In fact, data from Google shows that searches for garden bars have soared by 122% in just 12 months! The garden bar trend shows no signs of slowing down. It’s certainly worth considering as a convenient option for those days when the local beer gardens are fully booked.

Hanging Furniture

As soon as the first ray of sunshine hit us in spring, there was a rush to get the trendiest and comfiest garden furniture.

The torrential downpour in recent weeks may have dampened our spirits and garden furniture requirements. However, there is still plenty of sunshine to look forward to in the coming months. Hanging furniture appears to be one of the most popular items this year. Not only is it a viable alternative to costly Rattan style furniture, but hanging chairs also create a cosy and relaxing space.

Outdoor Offices

Outdoor offices are another trend that has been shaped by the pandemic. For over a year, many office workers have had to make do with a makeshift home office.

With more and more organisations recognising the benefits of remote working, it could be time to ditch the makeshift home office for a more permanent solution. Garden office pods appear to be growing in popularity and present a fantastic option for those who want to separate living and working spaces.

Do you have an upcoming garden and landscaping project? Contact our expert team and we’ll be delighted to help.

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