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Reclaimed 140mm Walling Stone Used for Yorkshire New Build

The developer of this new build home in Upper Cumberworth, West Yorkshire wanted to ensure it had a characterful look, so chose our 140mm reclaimed walling for the job.

We make this walling by cutting large blocks of high-quality reclaimed Yorkstone to standard 140mm size, so it retains the sought-after weathered look while being as easy to build with as new stone.

In addition to the reclaimed sandstone walling, we supplied all the quoins, lintels, heads, cills, jambs and mullions cut to size from new stone.

The combination of uniform height reclaimed walling and new stone quoins etc forms a simple to use kit that helps to reduce the time and cost of builds.

Our 140mm reclaimed walling is often chosen by builders working on extensions to older properties and specified by developers who wish to create a character new build in keeping with stone-built homes in the surrounding area.

When used for new builds it also offers a degree of future proofing for additional work. Due to the way we produce the stone, we can ensure a good match is available for any extension, porch, garage or conservatory base that the owner subsequently wants to build.

Contact us for a quote or for more information about our standard size reclaimed stone.

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