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Yorkshire Stone Transforms Home & Adds Value

We love seeing the results of builds and landscaping of customers using our Yorkshire stone and Yorkstone Flags.

As the countries number one provider of Yorkshire stone our customers expect only the best stone for their building projects.

In this project, inspired by our recent win in the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, this customer wanted to replicate that feeling of real Yorkshire. We spoke to the customer to ascertain their requirements and we decided on the following stone to make this project work for them.

Grade A quality punch faced stone and stone coping, hand made reclaimed antique bricks for the Yorkshire gritstone trough as well as reclaimed bull nose steps and stone lintels.

The best part of this project is to come, when revalued by a local estate agent, after having spent just £7,000 on the makeover, the value of the property went up by over £18,000 and even more depending on the buyer, so a great little investment too!

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