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Random Walling Stone the Perfect Multipurpose Stone

Random Walling Stone: The Best Choice for You? 

Is Random Walling Stone the best choice for you and your building project? Trying to find the materials to make a stone wall can be difficult. Commercially, stone is expensive to acquire in large quantities when you want it artificially cut and altered. This isn’t something that everyone can afford, which means that people have had to try and seek out alternative materials to use.

A popular choice to circumvent the high cost and create a unique option is random walling stone. However, the number of people who know about this pretty genius option is surprisingly low.

To try and help you make sure that you’ve gotten the best explanation as to what it is and how it can help, we’re going to be looking into random stone walling and what it can do for you.

So What Actually is Random Walling Stone? 

In order to understand what random walling stone is, you have to understand a little bit about how these kinds of walls are usually made. If you source materials for random walling stone in the normal way, then you’ll get a collection of stones which are the same. They’ve been cut and altered to all be very uniform and easy to make a wall with.

Random walling stone is different from this however. Each stone isn’t cut down to a particular size and is instead just designed to be natural and random. Hence, the name “random walling stone”.

What Are The Advantages Of This?

Of course, there are a few different advantages to having random walling stone as opposed to any other kind. For one, you’ll find that it is less expensive to get access to the materials. As we all may well know, stones are not naturally cut to be squares or other shapes. They’re often unsymmetrical and jagged, having spent a lifetime being exposed to nature and all of the many furies it can inflict.

Understandably, this process of making things uniform and consistent makes the stone much more expensive. This means that anyone who looks into random walling stone can experience a reduced cost in their expenses. It’s much cheaper to just use random stone shapes and sizes than it is to make everything match.

Of course, there is a certain stylistic appeal that we have to consider. A very uniform and boring technique isn’t for everyone. Some people like the random and unorganised look of different stones all becoming part of one wall. To them, it looks like a more realistic structure. The kind of thing that might have been built in traditional homes. That’s a very important part of the wall for a lot of people – it has to look it’s best at all times.

What Can You Use Random Walling Stone For?

You’ll be pleased to know that random walling stone can be used for all manner of things. This is actually part of its appeal and also what makes it so desirable by so many people.

Obviously, the first thing you could use it for would be a stone wall. This wall could be a structural part of a building, or it could be a feature wall which is used to make one part of the building look it’s best. These kinds of walls have been seen in gardens as well. They’re so strong and long lasting that they’re a perfect fit for the garden, which is obviously a place where the elements are going to be at their worst.

They’re often used in garages as well, especially places where the garage and garden join together, because it provides a natural transition between the two different environments.

As we said before, indoor feature walls are often a popular way to use random walling stone. It’s a very natural look – all of the different shapes and sizes of stone all together in one structure. People like it for that very reason, and you’ll often find it in places where there’s an older building or a more traditional area. Because it’s a feature wall however there’s often a lot of accessories that go with it and make the entire wall truly look it’s best.

There’s also a use in extensions and conversions, because a lot of people want to introduce that stone and natural feeling into their homes. Random stone walling has also been used in rockeries quite a lot, as it fits with the natural and simplistic design that you’re trying to accomplish.

Random Walling Stone is perfect for: boundary walls, garages, retaining walls, houses, extensions, cladding, landscaping projects, feature garden walls and as a cobbled-style section of a driveway.

Is It For Me?

Almost anyone can use random stone walling in their property. There’s no real criteria for having one, so it’s got a lot of versatility and usefulness. That’s why people are drawn to it and it’s usefulness. It’s a powerful and beautiful aesthetic for a home, yet it is accessible. People can look upon it and then go home and acquire it for themselves.

That’s something that will really drive up the appeal of random walling stone. People like being able to create something that’s natural and accessible. It’s definitely a style choice you can implement into your home and garden if you wanted, and it’s not that expensive to do so either thanks to the reduced costs.

Overall, Reclaimed Stone Walling has a lot of different options available, and has become a highly desired and coveted style choice. Due to having an inexpensive design, it’s very easy to get access to it on a consistent basis. You don’t have to worry all that much about things like high costs or not being able to get it set up in your home.

It’s got a lot of versatility and can be used pretty much anywhere, which makes it a highly desirable option for people who want to keep their house looking a particular way or have ambitious design plans.

It’s a good choice for people who like the natural appeal of rocks which aren’t uniform and come in a range of shapes and sizes. This difference can be highly sought after in a world where everything is becoming increasingly artificial and synthetic.

Random Walling Stone Suppliers

Here at Abacus Stone Sales, we have a large stock of reclaimed random walling stone at the yard and our experts will help to ensure you find the right materials for your project.

Call the Abacus Stone Sales yard today on 07711 997 026 or contact us with details of your Random Walling / Backing Stone requirements to find out more about our stock, prices and delivery.

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