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Using Abacus Stones Grade A Flagstone

We are well known for our grade A flagstones throughout the UK. Our Yorkshire stone flags are always of the highest quality and once laid properly will last a lifetime and more.

Here at Abacus we believe Yorkshire stone is so unique and beautiful that it will always add value to your property and as a result will also keep your home strong and durable no matter what the weather brings.

Check out some of the Yorkshire stone flags from our Yorkshire quarry in Honley below, just look how stunning they look in the summer sun.

As you can see the Yorkshire stone is so distinct in nature compared to other types of stone like Bath Stone or the Scottish stone you see in and around Edinburgh.

Light in colour and weathers darker in the rain, it's also very grainy too so perfect for walking on to ensure non slip.

If you are thinking of your next project and want to know more about the advantages of using either reclaimed stone or new stone then speak to a member of our team today or come visit our quarry in Honley, West Yorkshire.

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