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Using Yorkstone Flagstones Indoors

Whether you are carrying out a renovation project, or you’re planning to build your dream home, if you want to create a look that is truly unique, using reclaimed Yorkstone flags for your indoor flooring could be perfect.

Here are some reasons to consider flagstones for your indoor flooring:

  • Because they are made of an aged natural material, when you opt for reclaimed, no two flagstones will look exactly the same. Being exposed to the elements will create a different impression on each individual stone.And when you choose flags that are different in tone and size for your floors, they will create a truly unique and visually interesting design that suits both country style and modern homes alike.

  • Reclaimed Yorkstone flags will be supplied already aged, and their appearance will only improve with time, meaning you don’t need to worry about changing your flooring again.

  • Flagstones can help keep a room at a consistent temperature. They are typically cool to the touch, so they keep temperatures down during the summer, but they also conduct heat well. If you have underfloor heating in your kitchen or bathroom, Yorkshire stone flags work particularly well with this so they will keep your floors comfortable and warm, even on colder days.

  • Yorkshire stone is incredibly hardwearing and can last for hundreds of years. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. If you also use reclaimed flagstones for your patio or garden path, it can create a beautiful, seamless transition between your living space and garden and invite the outside in.

Abacus Stone Sales are a leading supplier of high quality, reclaimed Yorkshire stone. Take a look at our range of reclaimed flagstones, give us a call on 07711 99 70 26 or email us at

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